Congratulations to our newly crowned 42nd Queens, Miss Brianna Suggs and Miss Teen Rakayla Smith!  

Rakayla Smith
Miss Black Ohio America Teen-2024

Why do you want to be Miss Black Ohio Being Teen black Ohio would mean the world to me growing up I always watch my mom be very involved in her community and pushing for change in her community. Once she passed away in 2019 I felt as if I should continue her legacy. and continue to try and bring change in our city. to show young girls that you can do anything that you put your mind to because your opinion is always gonna matter when it comes to supporting your community and being put behind your community. and bringing that change in the world to show them that when life gets tough, you can pick yourself back up. You can continue to move forward. I just wanna be a positive influence to the young girls out there feel like they don’t have anybody and that’s why being miss black teen Ohio is important to me How are you involved in the community Over the past years I’ve been very involved in my community I did 120 hours of community service at Happy Hollow over the summer freshman high school I've also did vacation Bible school at my school almost every summer i’ve been a part of three annual Kay Days one including a peace March to stop gun violence in our community. I also did a basketball camp with my school from ages kindergarten up to sixth grade I am also am a part of gospel choir at my School i’ve been a part of a lot of fundraisers in the community I have also traveled around Ohio with my dance group.

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