Congratulations to our newly crowned 42nd Queens, Miss Brianna Suggs and Miss Teen Rakayla Smith!  

Brianna Suggs
Miss Black Ohio America Queen 2024

Why do you want to be Miss Black Ohio I want to be Miss Black Ohio because it has inspired me to challenger myself in showcasing talents and encourage others to do the same. Representation matters!!! How are you involved in the community I have been a second grade teacher for about 3 years in Ohio and working in early childcare for the past 10 years. In the great words of Whitney Houston “ I believe the children are the future…..treat the well and let them lead the way”. SPONSORS: Brandy Suggs•Everett Baxter•Ka’Von Anderson•T1Nonly Network•Monet Mink Collection, LLC•Thomas Lindsay•Prevail Productions, LLC

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