Information Meeting is on Saturday, April9th @ Capital One Cafe@Easton 11AM

Jocelyn Edwards
Miss Black Ohio America 2023

Favorite Movie: Crookly

Favorite Color: Blue

Last book you read: The last book I read was titled Dear Black Girl. I enjoy being enlighted and expressing.

Why do you want to be Miss Black Ohio: Becoming Miss Black Ohio America so that I may have the opportunity to put my leadership skills to use while serving in my community. It would give me the chance to step out of my comfort zone and reach a new audience to help display my passions of positive influence and modeling. Currently I serve as a multifaceted member of the community. I am involved in the YMCA of Central Ohio as a lifeguard. I work as a healthy bartender at Raider Nutrition Reynoldsburg. I also serve as a volunteer within the community whenever the opportunity arises for me to do so.

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